Many clients approach us just for the evening disco  and we are more than happy to do just that.

But we can offer to be the Master of Ceremonies as well if you wish,  making the daytime announcements and spicing up the bridal parties entrances into the reception.  Many venues offer to do the MC service as part of their package  so check with them first – but we offer a slightly more personal and warm introductions finding out about each bridal party member before hand to make their entrance either funny  or just a great day to remember

Eg   Groom was called  Mike   so we had the bridesmaids all enter the main reception room and dance to  ‘Hey Mickey you’re so fine ‘  and gave them pom poms  to dance around the groom to  – gave the entrance a bit of a lift and had many guests laughing and relaxing into have fun for the rest of the day !!