Disco Hire in Yorkshire!

Premium Video Disco hire in Yorkshire Package !  –  It can really bring your party / event alive !  With a small or huge music video screens to display the music videos – it provides a dramatic and dazzling impact on your guests!

Just Imagine !……Picture1

you can see all the stars perform their tracks !  …..

Auntie Jean and Dot can simply sit and watch Buddy Holly or The Four Tops !…

Unsure of the moves to Macarena or Tme Warp ?  – no problem just follow the live on screen artist !….

Disco Hire

Book the music video package for your wedding or party and amaze your guests – get them talking about your event for years to come !!

Have you invited your favourite pop stars to your event? Well, No need. With Elite’s Premium Video Roadshow Package you can see them perform at your event on our LCD & projector screens.  ~  Or perhaps you just want to show your own slideshow of images of friends and family throughout the ages  eg  from childhood through to 60 years of age !!  We can relay the images onto our HUGE video screen.

The overall effect of a video disco in Yorkshire  is difficult to describe but easy to see once you have experienced the atmosphere with Elite. The infectious effect is quite amazing. The videos help people get into the party spirit much quicker than that of a standard disco. The screens are an integral part of the evenings entertainment. The party go-ers who like to dance will do so and watch the screen at the same time and the ones who have no intention of dancing will be entertained by watching the screens and either end up dancing or just be very happily entertained.


Video Disco Hire In Yorkshire !


The premium video disco show will really set your party alight  – we do ask clients where possible to provide  a playlist so we can ensure we have the majority of the music on video  to ensure your night really makes full use of the music video screen. We source our music videos from Europes leading DJ video provider and would hope to have at least 70% of the night’s music covered in video format – obviously some older tracks might not have video available, and some artists and record labels wont issue licences for them to play.

Disco Hire  – We have two formats for the video disco  – for smaller venues we have 2 x large TV screens  mounted either side of the main DJ booth  this is used majority of the time but still creates a fantastic atmosphere and   where possible and room size permits we will also erect the Large 3metre video screen and projector,  we do need around 2.8m  head hieght to the room and at least 3.5m wide by 3 metres deep area to place the large stand,  and is easily fitted into such venues as Yorkshire showground function suites  or recently a large barn !




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Video Disco Hire In Yorkshire for weddings


Music video Disco hire across wakefield, leeds, yorkshire  and further  – subject to travel costs